Mizuno Footwear Update

Mizuno Footwear Update

Today we had Melanie Steel from Mizuno come in and show us the upcoming range in Mizuno footwear. Here are some key updates.

Sky 2

-          Has taken over from the Mizuno Enigma - plusher feel in comparison
-          High mileage trainer
-          Available in width options
-          Good as a stable long distance, neutral shoe with a nice cushioned feel

Similar to Asics Nimbus, Brooks Glycerin

Wave Sky.png

Rider 22

-          A lighter weight trainer option, still with a 10mm HH
-          Is a good option as a secondary shoe or short-mid distance runs
-          Available in width options

Similar to Saucony Ride, Nike Pegasus, New Balance 880


Shadow 2

-          Updated mesh upper which improves fit and feel over forefoot
-          8mm HH provides a closer feeling to the ground
-          Available in all black option, which can be useful for those who require an all black shoe             for work
-          Ideal as a light weight shoe for shorter tempo / interval runs

Similar to New Balance Zante, Saucony Kinvara, Asics DS Trainer


Paradox 5

-          Whilst still a ‘maximum support’ shoe, the Paradox is lighter than comparative models,                 weighing around 320g in men's and 280g in women's
-          Improved look
-          Good for those who require a well cushioned, medially supported shoe for mid-long                     distance runs as primary shoe

Similar to Brooks Addiction, Saucony Omni


Horizon 2

-          A number of runners found the Horizon to be slightly uncomfortable through the arch                 and inside of the heel. For this reason Mizuno updated the midsole of the Horizon 2 to               create a more comfortable shoe
-          Premium cushioned shoe with a moderate amount of medial support, ideal as primary                 shoe for mid-long distance runs

Similar to Asics Kayano, Brooks Adrenaline, Saucony Hurricane


Inspire 14

-          New upper setup giving a better fit and feel around the forefoot
-          Moderately cushioned and medially supported mid-long distance trainer

Similar to Asics 2000



Rider GTX 22

-          GTX upper meaning waterproof protection
-          Can also be used as an all-round travel type shoe
-          Same as the Rider 22, with GTX lining and thicker and more substantial outer sole

Similar to Brooks Ghost GTX

Rider GTX.png

Daichi 3

-          Updated toe and heel guard for added protection
-          Good option as a hockey shoe

Similar to Fuji Trabuco



Mizuno are moving into the premium netball shoe range with a couple of great options

-          More structured of the two netball shoes. A good option for those looking for a well-                 supported, well cushioned netball shoe

Similar to Asics Netburner



-          The slightly lighter weight, more flexible of the two main netball shoes. This is a good                 option for those who may prefer the feel of a running type shoe, with excellent multi-                 directional features.

Similar to Asics Netburner Professional