Foot and Heel Pain

Poor foot posture and function is a major cause of foot and heel pain. Shin and calf pain, as well as many knee, hip and lower back problems may also stem from the feet.


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Foot and Heel Pain Causes

People involved in sport and physical activity, and those who spend long hours on their feet may be more prone to injuries arising from poor foot and lower limb function due to overuse.

After a thorough clinical assessment, including muscle range of motion testing, gait analysis and a footwear assessment, the Gold Coast Foot Centres’ podiatrists will identify specific factors that are contributing to an individual’s problem. 


Foot and Heel Pain Treatment

The podiatrists at Gold coast Foot Centres use a tailored, multidimensional treatment program to obtain optimal results, individual treatment programmes may include: 

  • Stretching and strengthening exercise programs
  • Taping and padding techniques
  • Specific footwear model recommendations
  • Footwear modifications
  • Prescription of custom-made foot orthotics
  • Changes to daily activities/training regimens
  • Bracing/Splints
  • Running programs
  • Running technique

Heel Pain

Heel pain is an extremely common and painful foot condition effecting the heel and arch of your feet which is commonly referred to as Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs.  The Plantar Fascia is a soft tissue structure extending from the ball of your foot to its insertion into the underside of your heel, or Calcaneus.  Painful symptoms to this insertion through overuse can develop gradually over time or spike quite quickly, heel pain can affect people of all ages, however is more at risk of developing in those who are middle age or older, who participate in certain high intensity sports or activities which place increased stress and impact on the feet, have a ‘Flat Foot’ or ‘High Arch’ are overweight or pregnant, are working in occupations requiring long hours of standing on hard floors, and using inappropriate footwear.

Those suffering from Plantar Heel Pain commonly report pain on rising form bed and after periods of rest, which may reduce during periods of activity and return at days end or after exercise. 

At the Gold Coast Foot Centres our podiatrists are here to help, fortunately Plantar heel Pain responds to treatment and our experienced podiatrists will provide a tailored program to suit your needs.  Treatment may include a muscle stretching and strengthening program, tendon loading exercises, Footwear advice, functional customised orthotics, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy or a combination of one or more treatment modalities.