Digital running assessment

At Gold Coast Foot Centres, we offer an extensive Digital Running Assessment that is intended to accommodate for the needs of runners of all abilities from the weekend warrior or fitnatic through to professional athletes. 

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Digital Running Assessment

Regardless of whether you're a novice or a seasoned marathoner, our assessments will help improve your performance or assist with isolated problems. 

As running is the predominant action in most sports and physical activities, over time the repetitive nature of running can lead to many foot and leg injuries. To accurately assess an individual’s biomechanics and technique, a digital gait analysis is essential.

Our podiatrists in conjunction with a thorough biomechanical assessment use motion analysis software to isolate specific risk factors to formulate an effective treatment program.

Benefits of a Digital Running Assessment

A digital running assessment with one of our podiatrists allows assessment of your running technique which includes head neck and shoulder position, hip position, leg control, foot strike and lower limb biomechanics. This will assist us in providing the best advice going forward to overcome and prevent injury, improve strength, performance and technique, enhance running execution and training modalities.  

  • How to regain power
  • How to increase speed and endurance
  • How to run to prevent injury
  • How to treat current problems due to running

Our Digital Running Assessments include:

  • A thorough examination concerning your running and injury history
  • An extensive biomechanical assessment
  • Video examination of your running technique
  • Running and Gait analysis
  • Muscle and Joint Range of Motion testing
  • Footwear advice and prescription
  • Strength and Stretching program
  • Running Technique