Skobi Shoes


The only school shoes designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the schoolyard, Skobi puts the needs of your children first! Shop online and get 10% off your order using this exclusive promo code: gcsko10.

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Skobi was founded by Podiatrists and parents, Sophie and Jason who identified a gap in the current offering of school shoes in the Australian Market. Rooted in the understanding that no two children, and no two feet are the same, they’ve combined their podiatric skillset with parental understanding to develop 5 ranges:


At Gold Coast Foot Centres we only partner with the best. That is why we are proud to be one of the exclusive stockists on the Gold Coast of leading school shoe designer Skobi. Founded and designed by Paediatric Podiatrists, Skobi is Australia’s only range of children’s school shoes that puts your child’s needs at the forefront all it’s designs. Specifically constructed to meet the rigorous requirements of the schoolyard, each model of shoe within the range includes unique design elements to ensure your child puts their best foot forward.

Skobi’s diverse designs not only feel great, but they look great too. Meticulously involved in every aspect of the process from design, right through to the manufacture and production, Skobi is locally designed by Paediatric Podiatrists in Brisbane, and made in Turkey and Portugal. 

With leathers sourced locally in the countries of production, each shoe is handcrafted by local shoemakers in factories that maintain positive working environments. Skobi’s objective is to ensure all styles provide the ultimate feel, form and function, ensuring that both children and parents will fall in love with the Skobi brand. 

Order online today with our special discount code: gcsko10 or alternatively if you require a footwear assessment make an appointment by contacting us.