Duncan Free - Olympic Gold Medalist

Since my cycling accident that effectively shattered my femur, a critical component to my rehabilitation included working with Ben at the Gold Coast Foot Centres. As my podiatrist, Ben really helped me with learning to walk again as the accident left me with a leg length difference of 26mm. 

As a part of my rowing, I also do multiple x-training activities including cycling, gym and rowing ergometer work. All these activities required Ben's ingenuity to make sure that no problems would arise from my leg length difference. 

Ben has been an integral part of me getting back into training, preparing for my 5th Olympics and bringing home another Gold Medal. Thanks Ben!

Jared Brennan - Gold Coast Suns

I have the utmost faith in the podiatry team at the Gold Coast Foot Centres. 

They understand the high level of performance and commitment demanded in the AFL and have greatly assisted me with my on-field performance.

Sara Carrigan OAM - Olympic Gold Medalist

I was as young as 9 when I saw my first podiatrist for pain that left me unable to walk! 

The problem later threatened my cycling career with a need for surgery until I the Gold Coast Foot Centres. With their expertise, they solved my long standing problem and I have never had an issue since!

When you want a job done, and want it done properly, you can count on the guys at the Gold Coast Foot Centres.

Hardy Sattler – Sports Physiotherapist

Both professionally and personally, I cannot recommend enough the standard and quality of care afforded by the Gold Coast Foot Centres. 

They have assisted in the management of the Gold Coast Suns AFL and Gold Coast Titans NRL players for several years now and also for the Australian Baseball squad. 

They are a valued member of the Sports Medicine team.