Foot & Leg Pain / Injuries

Poor foot posture and function is a major cause of foot and ankle pain. Shin and calf pain, as well as many knee, hip and lower back problems may also stem from the feet.

People involved in sport and physical activity, and those who spend long hours on their feet are more prone to injuries arising from poor foot and lower limb function.

After a thorough clinical assessment, the Gold Coast Foot Centres’ podiatrists will identify specific factors that are contributing to an individual’s problem. 

A tailored, multidimensional treatment program may include: 

  • Stretching and strengthening exercise programs
  • Taping/padding techniques
  • Specific footwear model recommendations
  • Footwear modifications
  • Prescription of custom-made foot orthotics
  • Changes to daily activities/training regimens
  • Bracing/Splints