Cycling Assessment

Cycling is fast becoming a popular sport in Australia. This has seen an increase in the number of cycling related injuries presenting to our clinics.

Correct foot and leg alignment on the bike will optimise power transfer to the pedal, delay muscle fatigue, and reduce the likelihood of developing pain or injury.

At the Gold Coast Foot Centres, a thorough foot and lower limb biomechanical assessment is coupled with a dynamic digital video assessment to accurately assess: 

  • Foot, ankle, knee and pelvic alignment
  • Seat height
  • Seat fore/aft position
  • Shoe cleat position

Custom-made cycling-specific orthotics may be prescribed to optimise your alignment on the bike.

Leg length shims are supplied to compensate for significant leg length differences. These are fitted between the cleat and the shoe. The shims are 1.5mm thick and can be stacked depending on the amount of lift required. The appropriate length screws are supplied with our shims.